The Miracle and the Mormon Miracle Pageant

This short dialogue is an example of just how cool our God is. Here is the scene. Our team member B. A. sits in a chair in the the street in front of the temple and is drawing the temple. A Mormon guy (MG) looks at the drawing and says;

“I’d like to buy your drawing as a mother’s day gift for my Mom.”

BA- “I’m sorry, but I’ve already promised it to someone else.”

MG- “Well then, I would like to buy your next one.”

BA- “I suppose I could mail it to you.”

MG- “I live in Texas.”

BA- “Really? Me too! Where?”

MG- “I live in San Antonio.”

BA- “Me too!”

MG- “Are you LDS?”

BA – “No, I’m not.”

MG- “I’m a jack-Mormon (inactive) and my wife is not a Mormon so I go to church with her.”

BA- “Really? Where do you go?”

MG- “We go to CBC.”

CBC is short for Community Bible Church. Becky and I have been members there for more than 17 years. Is God cool or what? BA has this man’s contact info. Please join me in prayer that this Mormon guy gets saved and is on next year’s team.

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  1. I’m so curious what exactly you are preaching and what you believe you are saving the Mormons from? As a Mormon who has friends that attend your church I am constantly being asked questions about an Anti-Mormon church service given at your church. Why so many false statements? We are Christian; we do believe in the Bible (we follow the King James Version). The gospel that you claim that we have never heard is our religion, but we believe we have the fullness of the gospel. My parents are both converts to the church (my father was Baptist, my mother was Lutheran). My extended family are not members of the church. I attend these churches with my relatives from time to time. At the service there is not a lot that I would dispute. If someone is converting to our church from another Christian religion they will find that they are not unlearning the things that they learned in their previous religion, but enriching the knowledge that they already have. I am not angry by these sites; I know you are doing what you think is right. My only frustration is when what is written or taught is not true. Trust me when I say someone who is a devout Mormon will know their religion much better then another religion preaching against it. I think it is wonderful that so many people attend your church, don’t waste that time talking about other religions. Use that precious time to focus on Christ. Best of luck to you- Nicole

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