Are You 'Anti-Mormon'?

We do not view ourselves to be “anti-Mormon” and think that this term is a derogatory label applied to critics of Mormonism in hopes of silencing them.  Once someone is labeled an “anti-Mormon,” most Mormons will not listen to anything said by that individual and will feel justified in doing so because of the label.

As an example, I have handed gospel tracts to many Mormons only to have them given back once another Mormon tells them, “Don’t take that, it is anti-Mormon.”  The interesting thing is that the tract I was handing out doesn’t say a word about Mormonism.  It is nothing more than a modern-day parable about forgiveness of sins, but because Mormons fear the label, I am viewed with suspicion and my material is rejected.

We readily admit that we are critics of Mormonism, but that does not mean we are anti-Mormons.  Anti-Mormonism, yes, but not anti-Mormon.  If we are anti-Mormon for criticizing Mormonism, then to be consistent, the Mormon Church must be viewed as anti-Christian for criticizing Christianity. We love the Mormon people and want them to have the same forgiveness of sins that we have.  For more on how the LDS Church has attacked Christianity, click here. 

Do Mormons still practice polygamy?”

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints temporarily stopped the practice of polygamy in 1890.  We say “temporarily” because polygamy is still very much a part of LDS doctrine.  Although they do not practice polygamy now, they fully expect to in the future and in the after-life.  The Mormons scriptures are very clear that unless faithful Mormon men engage in plural marriage, they will not live with God in His heavenly kingdom.

There are many sects of Mormonism that still practice polygamy today.  For sake of better public relations, the LDS Church states on its official web page, “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints reiterates that it has no affiliation whatsoever with any polygamous groups, including the polygamous sect in Eldorado, Texas. The Church discontinued polygamy officially in 1890, but more than a century later some news and Internet reports fail to draw clear distinctions between the Church and practicing polygamous sects.”  (retrieved 5/27/08)  We find it deceptive that the LDS Church disavows polygamy, yet fails to inform the public of its belief that it is a “new and everlasting covenant” that must be practiced under threat of damnation. (D&C 132:6)

Is it true that Mormons wear funny underwear?

It is true that Mormons wear sacred garments under their regular underwear.  An official LDS web site states, “Garments are worn beneath street clothing as a personal and private reminder of commitments to God. Garments are considered sacred by Church members and are not regarded as a topic for casual conversation.” (retrieved 5/27/8)

Evidence Ministries does not encourage that Christians attempt to witness to Mormons by talking about their underwear.

Is Mormonism Another Denomination of Christianity?

Absolutely not.  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints claims to be the only true Church on the face of the earth. For that reason alone, Mormonism could not be considered “another” denomination of Christianity.  If only Mormonism is correct, then all other churches which claim to be Christian must be false.

What confuses most people about Mormonism is that the LDS Church uses the same terminology that Christians use, yet it often fails to explain that their definitions of these terms are drastically different than that of Christianity.  Simple terms, like God, Jesus and Salvation mean completely different things to Mormons than they do to Christians.  For more on the differing terminology between Mormonism and Christianity, read here.  To understand the Mormon world view, read here.

Should I invite Mormon missionaries into my home?

Many Christians feel that if they let Mormons in their house, they are in violation of 2 John 10-11 which reads, “If anyone comes to you and does not bring this teaching, do not receive him into your house, and do not give him a greeting; for the one who gives him a greeting participates in his evil deeds.”  We have addressed this issue in our article titled, Does Scripture Instruct Us Not To Let Jehovah’s Witnesses And Mormons Into Our Homes?

What books can I read to learn more about Mormonism?

The Mormon Scrapbook This book is basically a “how to” manual for Christians who want to witness to Mormons.  The book includes a good amount of LDS reference material that is valuable for witnessing to the LDS people.  The “point-counterpoint” format is very practical and easy to follow.  The book is arranged in a “Bible Study” type format with readings, simple dialogues, and questions to answer.  Click here to purchase.

Mormonism 101: Examining the Religion of the Latter-day Saints A great resource which clearly explains current Mormon doctrine and how it differs with Biblical Christianity.  McKeever and Johnson have more than 40 years and literally tens of thousands of hours of experience in religious discussions with Latter-day Saints.  The book examines key doctrines of Mormonism and then contrasts and refutes them in a point counter/point fashion by use of the Bible.  Mormonism 101 is extensively documented and includes close to 500 footnotes.  Click here to purchase.

Reasoning from the Scriptures with the Mormons When dialoging with a Mormon, it is extremely important to know where they are coming from and how they understand certain Bible passages.  Rhodes does a good job of detailing certain key Latter-day Saint doctrines.  He also gives numerous examples of how to witness to Mormons in a very practical way.  Click here to purchase.

Speaking the Truth in Love to Mormons This resource is invaluable because of Pastor Cares’ incredible love for the LDS people and how he communicates that through in his entire book.  This book will help Christians understand the world view of Mormonism.  It also teaches Christians how to lovingly communicate to Mormons that they are lost and in need of the Savior.  This book is required reading for all of our team members who travel with us to Utah for our annual mission trip to Manti, Utah.  Click here to purchase the book or here to read more about our annual mission trip at the Mormon Miracle Pageant in Manti, Utah.

Why do you hate Mormons?

Interestingly enough, this question does not usually come from Mormons, but from those who are sympathetic to them.  Mormons, for the most part, are good, moral, law abiding people.  Those who have relationships with Mormons are often confused as to why we would focus our efforts on “destroying someone’s religion.”

What is misunderstood about our ministry is that we do not reach out to Mormons because we hate them.  We reach out to them because God has given us an incredible love for them and has guided us into this ministry.  It is love that motivates us to warn JWs and others about how The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints negatively affects people.  This religion is responsible for destroying the families of those who leave the religion and many members have frequent bouts with depression due to belief that one must be perfect.

If this is not bad enough, the spiritual consequences are even worse.  Mormons are taught that almost everyone goes to a level of heaven.  We do not enjoy the thought of Mormons waking up in eternity only to realize that they are sadly mistaken.  If we hated Latter-day Saints, we would stand by and watch them walk towards hell unhindered.  We love the Mormon people and want them to have the same forgiveness of sins that we possess.

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