Manti- Tuesday June, 21 2011

Tonight was pretty slow until right about 8:00. I handed out some tracts and had one left over when Russ Bales, a Christian from Salt Lake City, came over and told me that he wanted a picture of me next to one of the Mormon signs that declares that there is no proselytizing on their property. (Does that apply to their missionaries too?)

As we were walking over towards the sign, Russ asked a teenaged boy if he would mind taking a picture of the both of us. He took pictures on both of our cameras. Right after Easton, the Mormon boy, took the photo, Russ asked if he and his two friends had been properly evangelized today. Russ gave them one of his tracts and started a conversation about the nature of God. The boys didn’t really seem to interested so Russ asked if I had anything to add.

I handed Easton my last tract and started talking about how one obtains forgiveness of sin according to Mormonism. The five of us talked for about an hour. Russ and I tag-teamed pretty well and got the kids thinking. They agreed with our view of what is expected of them and all felt confident that they could stop sinning in this lifetime.

Once it got close to the time the pageant starts, they said they had to go, but they wanted to continue our conversation. They suggested that we exchange emails. Please pray for these three very respectful, intelligent young Mormon men.

P.S. I’ll post bigger version of the pictures once I get the originals.

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  1. I’m so curious what exactly you are preaching and what you believe you are saving the Mormons from? As a Mormon who has friends that attend your church I am constantly being asked questions about an Anti-Mormon church service given at your church. Why so many false statements? We are Christian; we do believe in the Bible (we follow the King James Version). The gospel that you claim that we have never heard is our religion, but we believe we have the fullness of the gospel. My parents are both converts to the church (my father was Baptist, my mother was Lutheran). My extended family are not members of the church. I attend these churches with my relatives from time to time. At the service there is not a lot that I would dispute. If someone is converting to our church from another Christian religion they will find that they are not unlearning the things that they learned in their previous religion, but enriching the knowledge that they already have. I am not angry by these sites; I know you are doing what you think is right. My only frustration is when what is written or taught is not true. Trust me when I say someone who is a devout Mormon will know their religion much better then another religion preaching against it. I think it is wonderful that so many people attend your church, don’t waste that time talking about other religions. Use that precious time to focus on Christ. Best of luck to you- Nicole

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