EMNR 2009, Quick Questions For Mormons and Marcia Montenegro

Last week I attended the Evangelical Ministries to New Religions conference for 2009. For the third year in a row it has been hosted by Midwest Baptist Theological Seminary. This year our conference was held at the same time as the Dead Sea Scrolls conference. Some of the guest speakers were scholars from the Jesus Seminar.

I was nice to see some friends from other ministries. EMNR is always a good time of camaraderie and fellowship. There are not very many people in the world who have the privilege to serve God full time in this type of ministry so it is nice to be able to hang out with some who do. The following is a slide show of some of our friends.

While I was there, I decided to take advantage of being able to hang out with Bill McKeever of Mormonism Research Ministry. I was due to make another Quick Questions For Mormons video so I asked Bill if he would like to be our first “guest questioner.” Bill obliged. Here is his question.

Now, for the last section of this blog, I wanted to mention that there were a number of regulars missing from our annual EMNR gathering. One of whom is Marcia Montenegro of Christian Answers for the New Age. Marcia is EMNR’s favorite vegetarian. Some vegetarians are a little nuts about their position, but Marcia is not one of them. She is such a good sport about the rest of our meat eating preferences that she actually goes with us when we go to eat BBQ. She usually has a salad.

While we were at one of the local restaurants eating, someone mentioned missing Marcia. We all love to tease her about eating rabbit food so when our favorite target is not present, it puts a damper on the occasion. It wasn’t until I returned home and looked through last year’s pictures that I realized why Marcia did not attend this year’s conference. Unbeknownst to me at the time, I took a picture that reveals why she wasn’t there this year.

I am ashamed to say that our incessant teasing and tempting has cause Marcia to fall off the veggie wagon… and I have proof. The picture I mentioned above shows Marcia getting caught with some sort of pig flesh between her teeth. I must warn you that it isn’t pretty. I have placed the picture in this blog, but have purposely positioned it so that the faint of heart can leave this blog now. If you do not want to see a committed vegetarian find the inner meat eater, I advise that you do not scroll down. For those of you who have can’t help but scroll down, you have been warned.

Wait for it…

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I don’t know about you, but right now I’ve got that noise in my head where Norman Bates from Psycho comes through the shower curtain with a knife.

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