Walker Family Pictures 2008

As is our custom, we had our annual family pictures taken recently. This is a bit late in the year for us, but we wanted to wait a few months and make sure that our youngest child could be a little more responsive. We use to take the pictures at Sears, but we switched to Portrait Innovations last year. I absolutely LOVE the idea of getting a CD of every single picture that was taken during our session. The following is a small sampling of the 82 pictures that we taken.

[slideshow id=72057594050220058&w=400&h=320]

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  1. Those are terrific, Keith! I wonder if they can fit a family of 9…

  2. Wonderful Pics! You have a beautiful family

  3. Laurel,The studio has plenty of room.Elaina,Thanks!

  4. How much do they charge for the CD? Over here in Australia, a place we went to wanted to charge an extra $250 for the digital copies. We told them they could keep them.

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