Twenty Years of Forgiveness- My Testimony

Yesterday was my 20th spiritual birthday! I shared that with some alumni from Emmaus Bible College and one of my friends asked me to share my testimony. I decided that it would be easier to do it on YouTube rather than write it out.


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  1. Very nice, Keith!I’ve heard you share your testimony many times, but I think this was probably more thorough than anything I’ve heard you say in one sitting before.Your testimony is always greatly appreciated! Thank you for posting it. :)Oh, and Happy Birthday!!

  2. Thanks for sharing, Keith.Unfortunately for me, just as I was really starting to enjoy this, it turned from a testimonial of personal faith, to a very summary blurb recounting your first encounters with JW and Mormon faith.I do like the fact that you acknowledged that John the Mormon was as “on fire” about his Mormonism as you were about your Evangelical Protestantism. Yet it seems you never really directed your full efforts at finding out the substance of John’s fire and experience versus that of your own fire and experience. Instead, you extended this effort to a study Mormon theology. And even worse, you chose to focus your study on Mormonism using the works of Mormon polemicists.So my parting question to you, Keith: How do you understand your conversional “fire” to be different from your past friend, John’s, conversional “fire”? And how are you sure they are distinct?Your brother,Sincere.

  3. Brother Sincere,Did you watch both parts of my testimony? Maybe I should have included both videos in this post instead of hoping that folks would see that there is another video to watch. Maybe I wasn’t clear enough in my video, but I did not begin my study “using the works of Mormon polemicists.” I spoke with my Mormon friend, the numerous LDS missionaries he brought over to our apartment and we used the UTSA library to do primary research. If you remember, I did not even trust the ONE book I had about Mormonism which was written by a Christian. We used that book for nothing more than providing references. I came to understand Mormonism by reading Mormon works.As for your unhappiness about me studying Mormon theology, I do not understand that at all. Does my friend’s experience flow from Mormon theology or does Mormon theology flow from my friend’s experience? If we both seem to have equal experiences, we have to look at something outside of ourselves. I looked into what John believed so that I could better understand his experience. If there is something evil about studying Mormon theology, heck,that ought to tell you something.

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