In Memory Of Julie Abbott

Sunday was a weird day. Our pastor, Robert Emmitt, started his sermon by mentioning a number of recent murders where people were killed by, “an angry, obsessed man.” Friday, Emmitt went on, pausing for a moment with a pained expression, “our own beloved doctor, Julie Abbott, was shot to death by an angry, obsessed man.” Becky was shocked. Julie was one of the teachers who taught three Precepts Bible studies that Becky has taken at our Church.

Robert centered his whole message around the person of Julie Abbott and how she lived her life for Jesus. He spoke about how she met her husband, Ben, in college and how they pursued each other and Jesus Christ. Robert took this occasion to remind us that we are not guaranteed our next breath. We need to live for Jesus NOW. Just like Julie did. Since Becky knew her better than I did, I think it fitting to have her describe Julie.

Because of a series of Divine appointments, Becky was interviewed by the San Antonio Express Newspaper and our local Fox News station. The see Becky’s TV interview, go to click “video on demand” under the header and then look at “Prayer Service For Slain Doctor” and “Friends, Family Remember Slain Doctor.”

Please join us in prayer for the Abbot family and for the murderer and his family.

Rest In Peace, Julie. We know where you are, but more importantly, we know Who you are with.

This is a late edition to this post. I was also interviewed today at the memorial service. Be sure watch the video on the right.

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