Raining Mud?

OK, this is weird. I took our son to T-ball practice tonight and it drizzled on and off. As we were practicing, one of other Dad’s said something about it raining mud. I thought he was talking about dirt being kicked up off of the infield, but didn’t really pay much attention to what he was getting at.

After practice, we were walking to our car and noticed the mud-spots all over my car. I was wondering if the water was sticking to the dirt we picked up in the parking lot, but that was not the case. As we drove home, I noticed that every car on the road had the same spots. Dirty, yucky, muddy spots.

Once we got home, I notice that Becky’s car had the same spots. The kids helped me spray the mud off of the cars with the hose. Here is what mine looked like before the car-bath.

After we were done, I got on the web and checked the weather on a local TV station web site. Steve Brown said that there was a dust storm in Mexico and that the wind carried all that dust into our area where it was deposited on our cars while it rained. Weird stuff.

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  1. Bizarre!

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