Much Needed Web Site Overhaul

As you’ve probably noticed, we’ve had some light blogging recently. I want to explain what is going on so that you don’t feel like I’m neglecting you.

I have been working with a website builder and we are finally going to completely re-create our web site. The concept I have in mind is a pretty unique one and I hope it all comes together the way I envision. We are going to have three web sites connected to each other, all built with the same basic template. The three main addresses will be, and The color scheme will be different for each site so as not to confuse visitors as to which site they are currently viewing.

We are still working on the template and almost have it completed. Next we will work on keeping the navigation simple so it easy to find whatever information is desired. We also want it to be easy to add new information in the future. This is the hard part. We have to have enough foresight so that we do not run into any navigation issues as we add new content.

Please pray for God to help us through the process. We are excited about our final product and look forward to revealing it in the near future.

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