Happy Sixth Birthday For Our Daughter!

Our daughter turned six today. She had a good day and received lots of “princess stuff” as gifts.

One of my favorite moments was when our daughter had a surprise for the whole family. It seems that she and Mommy have been working on a special project for close to five months. Only the two of them knew about it and they did a good job of keeping the secret.

Becky bought a blank “board book” with about 10-12 pages with nothing on them. Our daughter wrote a story about a girl named Rapunzel who had a dog and took a walk with a little boy. Not only did she write the story, she also drew all of the artwork. As a present from her to the family, she wanted to read it to all of us on her birthday. What a neat moment.

It is too late now, but once I get a chance, I will scan the pages of the book and post it here.

Happy Birthday Big Girl! We love you very much!

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