Introducing The Newest Member Of Our Family.

There is a new addition to the Walker family. No, Becky is not pregnant and we have not adopted… a child that is. We’ve had a cat for close to nine years now, but it has been more than twenty years since I have owned a dog. I’ve been on the hunt for the right breed for a few months. Pure breeds are expensive and puppies can be a lot to handle. We decided to get an older dog and to adopt from the Humane Society of San Antonio.

Becky and I visited there on a date night and saw three little dogs together in one pen. A Beagle/mix, Chihuahua/mix and a Pug/mix. We were both drawn to the Pug/mix which had been named “Chalupa” by the Humane Society staff. I will not go into all of the details about why it took so long for us to take the dog home, but we were finally able to bring her home Monday, November, 27th. We have decided not to keep the name “Chalupa,” and wanted to name her something which reflected her character.

We asked our kids what they wanted to name the dog and our daughter immediately said, “Fencepost!” I replied, “Fencepost? That’s a boy’s name. Our dog is a girl.” I did some searching on the web and came up with a list of close to 30 names. Becky and I narrowed it down to 11 and then with the kids, reduced the list to three.

Let’s see if you can guess which name we chose. Our top three names are Brownie, Chicklet and Kisses.

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  1. She’s a cutie! I have a pug mix too, though I think he is a cross between a pug and lab. I guess Brownie. rxg

  2. Nope, wrong guess. Let’s see if you can get it right this time.

  3. Kisses

  4. We have a winner! That dog licks so much that we had to name her “Kisses!”

  5. That’s good, since a former dictator of Mexico and villain of the battle of the Alamo (one Santa Ana) played a large role in the development of chewing gum, and Chiclets, specifically. We couldn’t stand for your sweet dog to be associated with that legacy, now could we? :)( -RXG

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