The good, the bad, and the ugly

Today was the last day that Bill McKeever and I were working on the front lines. We had three distinct events that occurred yesterday and today. As the title suggests, one was good, one was bad, and one was just plain ugly.

The Good
A Christian who was driving by stopped to talk with Bill McKeever for a bit. He wanted to encourage us by telling us that we were appreciated. Bill thanked him for his kind words, then the man drove off. About 15 minutes later, he came by again and gave us two large bottles of water. Although we had water, our water was quite warm. That made what he did for us all the more appreciated because his water was nice and cold! We never got his name, but to whoever you are, thank you SO much!
“For whoever gives you a cup of water to drink because of your name as followers of Christ, truly I say to you, he will not lose his reward.”(Mark 9:41)

The Bad
Yesterday, three of our volunteers toured the temple and could not help but notice that there were four chairs in the little hallway blocking the way to the washing and anointing room (initiatory room). You can read more about the story here. This is the same link I provided a couple of days ago, but it has since been updated.

Personally, I think it is funny that the LDS Church is going through all this trouble to block this one little room. What makes this bad is that the LDS church public relations officials for the Sacramento temple told numerous area papers that they wanted to dispel myths about the temple and that all of the rooms would be open.

At this point the progression is that when asked about the “washing and anointing room,” they lied, they lied again, and then covered up the small sign with white tape, lied again, and then placed chairs in the way to make sure that no one gets back to see it. I would not be surprised if next week they place yellow caution tape up to inform the public that there has indeed been a crime at this place; truth has been murdered.

The Ugly
occasionally, the living scriptures employees will stand near us offering coupons for a free Mormon DVD hoping that it will bring in more business to a new Mormon bookstore five blocks away from the temple. They have their signs, we have ours, and it can get pretty confusing for those leaving the temple to figure out who is who. I have seen people give Bill a “thumbs down,” then give a “thumbs up” to the LDS workers, and then another “thumbs down” to me.

It is eye opening for the Mormon workers to see how we are treated. Often Mormons will drive by, and ignore the Mormons because they think they are “anti-Mormon.” Worse yet, sometimes the Mormon workers will get “chewed out” by their own fellow Mormons.

One such instance was when Helen, one of the Living Scriptures employees, was trying to get the attention of an LDS family. Everyone in the car ignored her and then rolled the windows up. Helen persisted and finally convinced the family that she was a Mormon. She started to give them directions to the LDS bookstore when the light turned green. They continued to talk until the light almost turned red. The Mormon family went through the light only to leave the next car stranded at the red light. A Mormon lady started flailing her arms and yelled at Helen and said, “What are you doing you Moron!”

I looked at the lady and said, “It’s Mormon, Du-uh!

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