A Mormon President?

I recently came across an article where an LDS filmmaker is planning on making ads to counter “religious bigotry” that some voters have towards Mormons. http://www.desnews.com/dn/view/0,1249,640195910,00.html

I’ve been asked before if I would vote for Romney if he decides to run for President and at this point, I don’t have an answer. There are too many unknowns at this stage in the game, but there is one thing for sure. I would be more inclined to vote for someone who was extremely open and honest about what he believes than in someone who is not. If the Mormon church were to start practicing full disclosure, I believe that would dispel a lot of the prejudice and bigotry towards them.

For instance, during the San Antonio temple opening last year, our ministry passed out a paper that contained the following information. http://www.evidenceministries.org/marriage.php It is four pages from an official LDS church manual. The man in charge of LDS public relations could have admitted that the material is current doctrine and stood up for it, but in stead, he chose to distance himself from the doctrine in media interviews by claiming that the information in our paper was from “out of print manuals.”

While this is true, the LDS church no longer publishes the “Achieving a Celestial Marriage” manual, it does not mean that the doctrine has expired. This is still current LDS theology. The public relations official attempted to use a red herring to distract the public from the official teachings of the LDS church. Why couldn’t he just admit that Mormonism’s basic world view is that God was once a man from another planet who achieved Godhood and that all men from this planet can do the same thing? I say all of this to ask this question. Is Romney going to be upfront and honest about what he believes or is he going to resort to dishonest techniques of distraction? The answer to this question could very well dictate how his campaign goes.

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  1. A religion based upon lies results in more lies (God gives them over[Romans 1). Whether the head or media publicist, they believe a lie and expound lies.

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