Romney Advocates Following Mormon Prophet, Even If It Is Wrong

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No, not that Romney. The other one. Marion G. Romney, 1st cousin once removed from former Presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Yeah, that...

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MLK Day-I Marched With Romney And Martin Luther King!

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Happy Martin Luther King Day! This holiday is unique in that Martin Luther King is a relatively recent figure who has received the honor of...

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Joel Osteen: Mormons Are Christians

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On Sunday December 23rd, Joel Osteen was interviewed by host Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday. Politics came up and Wallace asked Osteen...

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Joel Osteen Comments About Mitt Romney

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I just read excerpts of Joel Osteen’s interview on Larry King Live. The showed aired October 16, 2007. About three quarters of the...

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I Was Interviewed On ABC World News!- Mitt Romney: Faith Matters

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At last the waiting is over! ABC World News finally did the story they filmed back in early June. Becky is shown and there is a short clip...

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