If the Watchtower is not a False Prophet, then Jehovah’s Witnesses owe Harold Camping an Apology!

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This video is a comparison of the excuses made by Harold Camping regarding his failed prophecy of 5/21/2011 and those made by...

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A CHRISTmas Thought

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CHRISTmas 2008 is now past and we are currently in that awkward “in-between” time of CHRISTmas and New Year’s eve. The...

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Happy 6th Birthday!

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Happy birthday son! Our little boy is already six years old! We had a great day on the 21st as Mommy “built” a special birthday...

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Walker Family Pictures 2008

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As is our custom, we had our annual family pictures taken recently. This is a bit late in the year for us, but we wanted to wait a few...

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Big Smilin’ Boy!

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Our new-born son is beginning to smile. Here is one of his...

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