About Nancy

Hi.  I’m Nancy Nimmo, a.k.a. Office Assistant; a.k.a. Keith’s mom.  You are probably familiar with my name if you get our monthly newsletter, Backpacks & Briefcases.  I’ve been with the ministry from the ground up (established in 1994???).  I remember asking Keith on the phone one day in those early years if there was anything I could do for the ministry and he replied, “Do you know how to make brochures?”  It grew from there.  I have had the privilege of volunteering long distance from Indiana where I lived and was able to contribute via e-mail in many projects.  God was incredibly gracious in flying me down on many, many occasions to visit and help out on-site.

I longed to live in San Antonio and petitioned the Lord many times, especially when my grandchildren were born.  In November of 2005, my dream came true and my husband and I moved to San Antonio where we now live, only six miles from EM headquarters located in the Walker home.  I love working for Evidence Ministries and also enjoy interacting with my newfound friends through church, Bible study and doing lunch!  My perfect day would be working for the ministry, taking my daily walk, studying my Bible, having lunch with a friend and enjoying some cross-stitching.

I am the mom of two wonderful boys.  Keith who (along with Becky) is founder of Evidence Ministries and Steve, recently retired from the Navy, serving as a recruit with the fire department in Virginia Beach, VA.  I am BLESSED beyond belief!

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