If the Watchtower is not a False Prophet, then Jehovah’s Witnesses owe Harold Camping an Apology!

This video is a comparison of the excuses made by Harold Camping regarding his failed prophecy of 5/21/2011 and those made by Jehovah’s Witnesses concerning their own false prophecies. In short, if the Watchtower is not a false prophet, then neither is Harold Camping. I believe both of them are and this video proves it. Here are the references for the quotes of the Watchtower publications mentioned in this video. I attempted to copy all of the text, but it surpassed the character limit. If you would like the text, please email me through YT and I will send the quotes. Watchtower 10/15/58 p. 613 Watchtower 5/15/55 p. 316 The Finished Mystery (Studies in the Scriptures V.7) p.54. Watchtower 8/15/74 p. 507 Watchtower 3/1/04 p. 16 Kingdom Ministry 5/74 pp. 3-4 Watchtower 7/15/1894 p.226 Watchtower 7/1/79 p. 5 Awake 10/8/91 p. 13 Watchtower 9/15/10 pp.16-17 Watchtower 12/1/81 p. 27 Watchtower 10/15/54 p. 639

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