Stream Send Responds

As I mentioned in our September 4 2008 entry, we recently switched from Stream Send (SS) to Constant Contact (CC). When I canceled my account with SS, I was prompted to supply a reason for our cancellation. I simply wrote, “Here is why” then supplied a link to our blog.

It wasn’t long (maybe two hours) before I received a call from SS. I was told that my blog was read and was then asked to reconsider. I was offered a month of free service, and our own personal SS assistant. Usually they only offer assistants to larger companies, but because of our bad experience with their product, they would allow us access to one for free. I was also told that we had an older version of SS and the newer version was much more user friendly.

I explained to SS that since we had already moved on, created templates and used CC, it was too late for us to consider their offer. But, what I would do for them is to update the rest of you about their offer. They are very serious about keeping customers so I thought it only fair to mention that they made an effort to get us to come back. There is no expiration on their offer to me so if we decide to leave CC, we could give SS another try.

If you decide to use Stream Send, feel free to let us know about your experience with them.

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