From The Jewel Box # 22

This past Monday night our family had an appointment at the hospital in preparation for the impending birth of our third child. We decided to make it a family date night and took the kids to Carino’s Italian Grill. They’ve got this amazing deal on Monday nights where you buy a “family meal” for the price of the single entree.’ The family meal feeds at least three adults and is quite enough for me, Becky and our two kids.

The dish we had on Monday night was called Chicken Milano which included four chicken breasts covered with ham, cheese and a generous portion of noodles with Alfredo sauce. Mmmmm, Alfredo sauce! Me and Alf get along real nice!

As we were eating, our daughter said the following about our meal;

“This is so good, I can’t keep my taste buds off of it!”

Important note: We will not reveal the names of our children on this blog. Any comment that mentions our children’s names will be deleted. It is nothing personal, we just feel that it is an important safety measure for our family. If you would like to read the other FTJB entries, click on the “From the Jewel Box” link in the side bar on the right or on the Jewel Box icon at the end of this paragraph. Come on parents! Feel free to share special jewels from your precious children. Just know that on this blog, our kids are the cutest!

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