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As many of you know, I am involved in competitive handgun shooting. I put about 50 rounds down range every week. I shoot pistol leagues and USPSA matches at the Bullethole Shooting Range here in San Antonio Texas. I belong to the Bullethole Practical Shooters Club which hosts IPSC matches every first and fourth Saturday of every month to provide South Texas with another venue to shoot and compete in practical shooting matches.

Their mission is to promote safe, fair and fun participation in Practical Shooting competition, for shooters of all ages and skill levels. They take great care in introducing new shooters to the sport of practical shooting, yet create courses of fire that will challenge even the most experienced of shooters.

I started recording some videos of me shooting so that I could go back and watch them and see what areas I need to improve. I’ve got videos of other shooters too. Some of them are really fast! I had been hosting my videos on our ministry Youtube Channel, but then thought it would probably be best to separate all of my shooting videos from all of our Jehovah’s Witness and Mormon related videos. We certainly do not want people to get the wrong idea!

My personal Youtube Channel is named after my moniker from the pistol league. I am on a team called, The Deadeyes so I am “Deadeye Keith.” My Youtube channel is The best way to sort through all of the videos is to go to my playlist. I’ve got more than 100 videos on my channel so using the playlist option to find videos will be helpful. Be sure to visit the channel and feel free to make comments. I will also put family related videos on my channel as well. There is an option to subscribe to my channel also so if you would like to be notified of new videos, that is the way to go.

Hey, if you join the Bullethole Pistol League, I could video you and put it up on Youtube for the world to see! Here is one of my most recent videos.

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  1. Keith, I saw this and immediately thought of you. Very interesting!

  2. I’m sure the LDS Church really enjoyed seeing the term “gay-Mormon” next to Todd on Survivor. ;-)Thanks for the article.

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