A Typical Dinner Conversation At The Walker Home

Our family was sitting at the dinner table tonight and I asked our son how he knew about a certain piece of information. He looked over my shoulder and focused on the wooden goose hanging on the wall behind me. The following is my best recollection of the conversation.

Dad: How did you know that?

Son: (looks over Dad’s shoulder and sees the goose.) “The goose told me.”

Dad: The goose told you? Do you speak goose?

Son: What?

Dad: If the goose told you something, you must be able to speak goose.

Son: I don’t speak goose. The goose speaks English.

Dad: No, this goose does not speak English. He speaks goose.

Daughter: The goose in Charlotte’s Web spoke English.

Dad: That is because it was an English goose. This is not an English goose. English geese have bigger feet. This goose has little feet.

Daughter: God made a donkey speak in the Bible.

Dad: Yes, but the donkey spoke Hebrew.

Becky laughed so hard she almost had milk come out of her nose.

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