Preparations For Our Annual Mission Trip To Utah

It is that time of year again. For those readers who may be new to our blog, every year we take a team of Christians to Manti, Utah (pronounced man-tie) to street witness to the Mormons who attend the Mormon Miracle Pageant. Since 1967 the Mormon Church has presented a pageant every year at the Manti temple grounds. This pageant is an outdoor play that depicts the beginnings of Mormonism through the trek out West and up to its present day.

This highly professional drama is approximately one and a half hours long and includes scenes from the Book of Mormon. Average nightly attendance is 10-15,000 people. The temple grounds open at 6:00 PM, but since the pageant does not start until after dark (9:30), Mormons will typically walk around town and visit vendor’s booths and local stores. The streets surrounding the temple grounds are closed to traffic so this gives Christians a wonderful opportunity to stand in the streets, give out tracts to passing Mormons, and engage in fruitful witnessing conversations.

This short-term mission trip is unique in that before you can share your faith, you must be able to defend it. Evidence Ministries will equip team members to be able to give a reason for the hope we have as Christians with gentleness and respect. (1st Peter 3:15) The camaraderie and fellowship one experiences on this mission trip is worth the cost of the trip itself. The spiritual growth that team members undergo on this trip is amazing to see. The dates for the trip are June 10-15 and/or 15-22, 2008.

Even if you cannot come on the mission trip, you can still attend the training and learn more about Mormonism and how to witness to Latter-day Saints. Although the training is designed to equip Manti team members for the mission trip to Manti, it will be beneficial for those who would like to learn more. The seven weeks of training will consist of;

April 21st- Week one: Introductions and Mormon Puzzle Video.
April 28th- Week two: Understanding Mormon salvation and exaltation.
May 5th- Week three: The Impossible Gospel of Mormonism Part 1.
May 12th- Week four: Impossible Gospel of Mormonism Part 2.
May 19th- Week five: God Is Not a Man.
May 26th- Week six: Sharing the Gospel with a Latter-day Saint.
June 2nd- Week seven: Role playing.

Call Evidence Ministries for time and directions. 210-340-TRUE (8783). Childcare is available with seven days notice.

Here is a short video that describes what it is like to be a witness for Jesus Christ to the Mormon people.

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