Baseball Ready!

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Our son is playing T-ball for the very first time! He is excited to have something for himself as his sister has been doing ballet for more than a year. We practice hitting in the back yard with a wiffle ball bat and a bunch of wiffle balls. We also practice catching grounders and throwing a real baseball.

It is amazing how quickly he is learning and progressing in skill. When we started, he was hitting the ball off of a tee and rarely put the ball over the fence. Now he is doing that when I pitch the ball to him. We still need to work on throwing the ball better and the rules to the game, but we’re getting there.

The reason the above picture is so important is because it shows our son “baseball ready.” You know, as opposed to playing hide and seek with his glove, picking flowers, dancing and kicking the dirt; All of which happens regularly in a tee-ball game for 4-6 year olds.

A few days ago, I pitched a ball which was immediately smacked hard. It hit me right in the crotch. Since it is just a wiffle ball, it didn’t hurt at all. Both of us started laughing and our son said, “That just made my day!”

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