Where Were All Of The Republicans?

Becky and I voted this morning and we experienced something that we have never seen before. Since we take our kids with us, we take turns. I voted first while Becky stayed outside and let the kids run around and play hide-n-seek. Once I finish voting, I play with the kids while Becky votes.

Although I enjoy playing hide-n-seek with the kids, I did not expect to play it while voting. I walked into the room where we were to vote and there was one line approximately 40-50 people long. The volunteers were not very organized as we were not informed that there were really three lines. Two lines for democrats, depending on which district you live in, and one line for republicans. Once we all realized that, I was the only person in the room to step out of line towards the republican area.

I looked back into the faces of all the democrats and said, “I guess I’m a little outnumbered here.” Most people smiled while a few chuckled. I kept my next comment to myself, but thought, “Wow, look at all those wrong people.” I’m sure I would have received a more vigorous response had I said that.

Once I was at the front of the line or the only person in line depending on how you want to look at it, I asked the volunteer, “Where are all of the republicans?” She explained that many of the republicans voted early, but aside from that, she really didn’t know what to say. When Becky had her turn, there were three people in front of her. The volunteer told her that it has been that way all day.

I realize that Texas is a red state, but that does not comfort me in the least. If Texas republicans don’t vote, We’ll be blue in more ways than one. On the way out of the polling place, Becky and I talked about what we just experienced. She had a good outlook on the situation. She said, “That just means my vote counts more.”
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