Happy Saint Patrick’s Day From The Late, Great “World’s Best Guard Dog!”

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My Mom came by today to help out in the office and she showed me this cute, old picture of a dog we use to have. Her name was “Nushi” and she lived for 16 1/2 years. Evidently this picture was taken on Saint Patrick’s Day. My Mom likes to decorate for just about any holiday. If it isn’t moving, it gets decorated. Nushi must have been asleep and woke up in green.

One of her nick-names was “ugly dog,” but my Mom and Dad liked to refer to her as, “The World’s Best Guard Dog.” Of course this was an honorary title and certainly not something that was earned. Regardless, she was a great little dog.

Before my Mom left for the day, she reminded me of how Nushi died. My Mom didn’t want to have to take her to the vet “one last time” and God honored that. She was laying down in her little bed while my Mom was petting her. The last thing Nushi’s ears ever heard was,

“You are the World’s Best Guard Dog.”

She drew her last breath after hearing that.

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