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I have had a rough couple of days with Dell on tech support. We bought a new laptop months ago that came with a built in video camera and microphone. I have never used the webcam aside from a few phone calls when I used Skype while in Moldova last year. The webcam has its own Dell software, but I have never used it.

I have plans to use the webcam for some future projects on our Youtube channel so I need to know how to use the software. I started messing with it on Tuesday and have had a nightmare trying to figure it out. I can usually figure stuff out like this, but this was just not working. I really don’t like to have to call tech support because I know it is going to be a time commitment. I got tired of looking online for a solution so I called tech support.

If someone from Dell is reading this, I want you to know that I absolutely HATE trying to explain my computer problems to someone whose primary language is anything but English. It is difficult enough trying to understand someone on long distance, but if you add a thick, heavy accent, forget it. It is near impossible trying to communicate.

To make an extremely looooong story short, after two days and countless hours (<— no joke) on the phone, the webcam finally works. I decided to take a few minutes of well earned play time and mess with some of the features on the webcam. I'll let you decide whether or not the time was well spent.

[slideshow id=72057594049631816&w=400&h=320]

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