Mormon Prophet Dies

The very first e-mail I saw this morning was an announcement that Gordon B. Hinckley had died. I can honestly say that I was saddened by this news. Even though I am an most outspoken critic of Mormonism, I realize that there is more to Hinckley’s death than religious news. He was a man with family, friends and followers. I feel for them and pray that God will use Hinckley’s death to draw them to Jesus.

For those who look at this as an opportunity to kick Mormons while they are down, please just take the day off. There isn’t anything you can say with that attitude that will help them. Just offer your heartfelt condolences and let the Mormons heal. If you don’t have any heartfelt condolences, then at least wait to talk to them once they have grieved. If you love the Mormons, and you should, then that is the very least you can do.

You can read more about Hinckley here.

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