Twelve Days Of CHRISTmas: Day Seven

One of the first CHRISTmas parodies I ever heard was Bob and Doug McKenzie’s, Twelve Days of CHRISTmas. Wikipedia states that, “Bob and Doug McKenzie were a pair of fictional Canadian brothers who hosted “The Great White North”, a sketch which was introduced on SCTV for the show’s third season when it moved to the CBC in 1980. Bob is played by Rick Moranis and Doug is played by Dave Thomas.”

I enjoyed Bob & Doug when I was a teenager and I still enjoy them today. It just wouldn’t be right to have my own parody of the Twelve Days of CHRISTmas and not include them. Our song is now;

On the seventh day of CHRISTmas my true love said to me,
“Bob and Doug McKenzie!”

Lights are a dancing!”(<— click here)

“Ding Fries are done,(<— click here)

Twis-ted Christ-mas, (<— click here)

“Elf Bowl-ing,” (<—click here)

“Go elf yourself,” (<— click here)

“Complain about the holiday theme!”


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