Hawaii-4, 2007

Hawaiian sunset. Becky and I spent some time on Waikiki beach today. We parked at the zoo which has parking meters that cost 25 cents an hour. We didn’t have any change, but managed to find a quarter and a spot that still had one hour and nine minutes left on it. That gives us two hours and nine minutes.

Once it got near the time to either leave or feed the meter, the sun was too close to setting to walk away from the beach. We decided to stay and hope for the best. This first picture is of a huge barge in front of my setting sun. I was hoping that it wasn’t going to block it, but as you can see, there was plenty of time for the barge to move on. A few minutes later and we were able to catch my first live sighting of the sun setting into the ocean. It was beautiful!

Once we got back to the the car, we noticed a $35 parking ticket. We’re going to write a check for the fine and enclose these two pictures along with a little note.
The only thing it will say is, “It was worth it!”
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