Halloween 2007

Remember the pumpkins from United University Methodist Church? Last night was the first time we made jack-o-lanterns for the kids. I carved them, the kids dug out all of the gunk, Becky washed the seeds off so that we could cook them and eat them and she also made pumpkin pie.

Tonight we went to University Baptist Church for a “Trunk or Treat”event. Members of the church parked their cars in a line in the parking lot and gave away TONS of candy. If any Church in your area offers a trunk or treat event next year, it is totally the way to go! The kids each got about five pounds of candy in less than a half hour. Less walking and more candy. Works for me!

After the trunk or treat event, we went over to the houses of both of the grand-parents. We all had plenty of candy and have lots left over for months to come. Enjoy this slide show of our first trunk or treat event.
[slideshow id=72057594049268302&w=400&h=320]
Oh yeah, one more thing. After last night’s pumpkin pie, Becky was putting our daughter to bed and asked, “Is the pumpkin pie nice and warm in your tummy?” Our daughter replied, “No, it’s probably in my large intestines and small intestines by now.”

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