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My 40th Birthday!

Monday was my 40th birthday! Although we had the party on Saturday, my actual birthday was Monday the 24th. We had some good friends show up, a number of whom who I did not expect. I was honored that good friends would spend their time with me celebrating this event.

On my actual birthday, Becky and I went out to eat at Red Lobster and I had all you can eat shrimp. MY personal best is more than 100 shrimp, but I took it easy tonight and only ate about 60 because I knew we were going to have cake later on that night.

Speaking of which, check out my birthday cake! I love anything chocolate and usually have chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, but this time Becky had something different for me. It was a chocolate cake, but as you can see, it looks a little different.
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  1. Happy Birthday Keith!-Randy

  2. Happy Birthday from all the girls from our class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Anna,Tell everyone I said thanks!

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