From The Jewel Box # 15

We’ve been getting a lot of rain here in Texas recently and the mosquito’s are loving it. Last week we spent some time in the back yard and got bit up pretty bad. When the kids get bug bites, Becky some times puts calamine lotion on them to help take the “sting” out. Once we got back into the house, our son asked for the “mosquito bite feeling better stuff.”

Important note: We will not reveal the names of our children on this blog. Any comment that mentions our children’s names will be deleted. It is nothing personal, we just feel that it is an important safety measure for our family. If you would like to read the other FTJB entries, click on the “From the Jewel Box” link in the side bar on the right or on the Jewel Box icon at the end of this paragraph. Come on parents! Feel free to share special jewels from your precious children. Just know that on this blog, our kids are the cutest!

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