Manti Team 2007 Prepares For Our Mission Trip

Please pray for our team while we are on our annual mission trip to Manti, Utah. Every year the Mormon Church hosts pageants all over the country. One of the oldest and largest pageants is the Mormon Miracle Pageant in Manti, Utah.

Anywhere from 3-20 thousand people will show up each night of the pageant so there are plenty of people to witness to. Although this year’s team is smaller than normal, we still expect to see God do great things in and through us. Our team from left to right; Rosanne H., James L., Keith and Becky Walker.

The battle is the Lord’s, but we know He desires the prayers of the saints to stand in the gap for us. Please pray each day we’re gone and ask for God’s blessing, grace and mercy in reaching out to Mormons for Jesus. We ask for prayer coverage for the following matters;

· Traveling mercies (6/12-6/24)
· Divine Appointments
· Godly Confidence
· Necessary Provisions
· Protection from the enemy
· Health
· Unity among the Christians
· Salvation for the Lost!

Because we will be in a little town in central Utah, our web access will be limited. I will try to post updates here as much as I can. Thanks for the prayers and I can’t wait to report what God is doing!

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