Myth- Gun Control Reduces Crime: Story from 20/20

I’m starting to like John Stossel. Thanks to Aaron Shaf. for the link.


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  1. Absolutely! Studies have shown that women carrying a running chainsaw are 95% less likely to be attacked. :)Humor aside, though, if guns are taken away from the general public, the only people that will have guns are the government and criminals.The more guns we have in the hands of able, law-abiding citizens, the less safe a criminal will feel. And that fear and intimidation of a gun in the hands of a potential victim or concerned bystander will deter more criminals from committing a crime than any after-the-fact punishment ever could. To think otherwise is utter foolishness (and borderline liberal).Okay, maybe not all humor aside. :)On the flip-side, no able, law-abiding citizen is going to be encouraged to commit a crime simply because they have a gun.

  2. I like your last sentence.

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