Pistol League # 11 Starts Today

As some of you know, I’ve picked up a new hobby- competitive pistol shooting. I have an annual membership at the Bullethole Shooting Range in San Antonio, TX and practice every week. I saw that they had some competitions so I joined knowing that it would help me grow as a shooter. I did well enough in my first league to get recruited by a good team for the next league. I’ve been “Deadeye Keith” ever since.

The league started today and I look forward to shooting various courses of fire for the next seven weeks. Enjoy the promo video below and if you live in the San Antonio area, come shoot with us! It is a blast (pun intended) and you will learn a lot! If you would like to see the courses of fire, you can check them out here.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=boxAyjv-sMg]

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