Only 47 More Days Until Manti!

As many of you know, our annual mission trip to the Mormon Miracle Pageant in Manti, Utah is the absolute highlight of our year. I tell people that you get so high on God there that when you come home, you don’t sin for a week… well more like three days for me. Becky and I attended our first pageant in the year 2000 and then we brought other people with us from 2001 on to the present. Our teams have ranged from three to 18 people. This year’s team is probably going to be a smaller, but that is just fine with me. There is a lot of work that comes with having a larger team and we could use a break! Just kidding , but not really.

Tonight is our first training session with our team and it is not too late to join if you believe that God is calling you to join us. In all seriousness, this trip is a real eye opener. Every year Mormons come to know Christ as sufficient Savior. Not only that, but Christians grow in their faith in ways that would not be possible unless they engage in outreaches similar to what happens at Manti. Check out the following video that interviews a number of Christians who explain why they come. Becky also had the privilege of being interviewed.
So, what are you doing in June?

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