Camo Couch

Honey, I need you to;

1) Strip the beds.
2) Wash the dog. No, dogs do not go in the washing machine. Remember what happened when you tried that with the cat?
3) Cut the grass.
4) Edge the lawn.
5) Pull the weeds.
6) Wash the car.
7) Take out the garbage.
8) Mop the kithchen floor.
9) Vacumm the carpet, yes the WHOLE house.
10) No, wash the other car. Now that I think about it, wash both. Oh, and the neighbor’s RV too. He’s old.
11) Clean out the gutters
12) Do the laundry.
13) Clean up the dog poop from the back yard.
14) Drive to the grocery store and pick up some… honey? Honey? Where are you? (<—Click on link)

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