Pistol League Video- Shooting The Texas Star

Last week was the final week for pistol league # 10, the first BulletHole league of the year for 2007. Because our team (the Deadeyes) has won the league a number of times, we are no longer in competition for a team trophy. We can still earn individual trophies, but not together as a team.

This league was not a good one for me. Although I finished 10th out of more than 65 shooters, I could have done much better. Out of the seven weeks of the league, I was satisfied with my preformance only twice. Three weeks were just bad shooting and for the last two weeks my gun jammed. If I shot to my potential, I could have been as high as 5th place and earned a 2nd place trophy for my division. Here is a youtube video of one of my good runs.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IiuFPQ9y-9Y]

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