DVD Outreach to Mormons

Well, it’s over, but the work has just begun. March 25th, 2007 was a historic day. Never in the history of Mormonism has there been a bigger outreach to the Mormon people. An anonymous Christian businessman donated 600,000 DVDs to Christians, churches, and ministries who would agree to distribute them door to door on March 25th. The DVD, titled Jesus Christ/Joseph Smith is an excellent production that contrasts the differences between Christianity and Mormonism.

Not only did Christians in Utah participate in the DVD outreach, but DVDs were also made available to those of us outside Mormon country. The idea was to blanket communities that have a Mormon temple. For roughly .53 a piece, we had the opportunity to buy as many DVDs as the Lord would provide for and join in on the distribution. Our original goal was to raise enough money to purchase 5,000 DVDs and distribute them in the Stone Oak area of San Antonio, which is where the LDS temple is located.

We put the word out about the distribution and gave people the opportunity to participate financially and boy, did they respond. Christians gave, gave, gave some more and then when they were finished giving, they contributed enough funds to purchase 14,000 DVDs! We were completely surprised and excited on one hand and overwhelmed and concerned on the other. How in the world would we get enough people to prepare and distribute all of those DVDs? God came through again and supplied us with 110 people from 15 different churches.

After the distribution, I was struck by exactly how big of a job we had just done. When I thought about our original goal of 5,000 I realized that God had purposely given us more than we could do by ourselves. I believe this was so that we would rely on Him instead of trying to accomplish this work in our own strength.

These last five days have been very busy trying to keep up with all of the news about the DVD distribution. Although most of the DVDs were distributed in Mormon country, Christians also distributed DVDs in Washington, California, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona, Texas, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, Ohio, New York, Virginia, Montana, Nevada, Nebraska, Tennessee, and Oregon. The DVD has also been sent to Australia, Chile, Mexico, Liberia West Africa, and several places in Europe.

Aside from reaching out to the Mormons, the DVD also serves the purpose of inoculating non-Mormons from joining the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It has been said that for the effort that it takes to get one person out of Mormonism, hundreds could be kept from ever joining. Distributing the DVD to Mormons and non-Mormons alike addresses two ways of keeping the LDS Church from growing as much as it could. We can focus on getting people out and keeping others from joining in the first place. Obviously people have the freedom to join whatever religion they wish, but we find that informing the public about what Mormonism really teaches is usually enough to ensure that they do not become Mormons.

So far I have heard of six professions of faith and some others who have left the LDS Church. We expect to hear many more stories about what God is doing. Please join us in prayer for God to use the DVDs to save Mormons and give glory to His name. For more information about the DVD and to view it online, visit Good News For LDS.

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