Mitt Romney and Mormonism

Here is a good video put together by some colleagues in the ministry. A number of our friends were interveiwed for this 32 minute video. Check out the section starting at 1:30 and ending at 2:32.


Hmm… If Mitt is open to talking about the most unusual thing about his religion, Noah’s ark according to Mitt’s own lips, then why does he refuse to talk about the things that are not as unusual to Mormonism, say like, Jesus coming back to Missouri or God having a material body and being fathered by another God?

Another another note, Mitt said to the interviewer “You haven’t exactly got those doctrines right.” If she got them wrong, what exactly was wrong and why didn’t he correct her?

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  1. “Leap of Faith”? – My trust in the historically documented birth, death and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth has nothing to do with any “leaping”. No, it is more of a leap for me to believe that an angel appeared to Joseph Smith with golden tablets that had to be read with special golden Spectacles.Ridiculous. Maybe this guy is what our disillusioned, morally bankrupt country really needs to push it over the edge it is teetering on. Rob W

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