Good news! I is gradumacating!

I jus got my phone call from Kathy Van Dine, the rejestrar from Emmaus Bible College an al of my kredits is transfurabl. My ofishal gradumacation date is desember 15th 2006. I be a happe camper! Even tho I finushed my last klas eerly this munth I dednt want too be happe untill I new four sur that my kredits wer axepted. Now thet i no for sur I IS for reel a happe kampur!

Prays God!

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  1. Congratulations Keith! When’s the Party???Rob W

  2. Congratulations!

  3. Well done good and faithful slave!

  4. Keeth – I taut you bedder then that. All thoz missppeled wurds is unakcepible. I am hapi four you thow and hope you get you’re deegree befour they notise you’re attroshious sppeling. Cungratsyoulayshions ~Mom~

  5. Congratulations Keith! Now you might find yourself with the time to take a breath or two. What will be the next adventure?

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