From The Jewel Box # 5

Last year when our daughter had just turned four (our son was two) the two of them had this little exchange at lunch time. Our son was calling our daughter to come to the table.

Son- Come to the table, come!
Daughter- Don’t tell me what to do!
What to do!

It may not seem funny just reading it, but picture two little kids trying to establish authority over one another. Our daughter, the older of the two, doesn’t like to be told what to do, especially if it is by her little brother. Our son, on the other hand, rebelliously challenges his older sister and takes her dictate extremely literal.

I thought this was funny because our son completely missed our daughter’s point. She didn’t like being told what to do, but he interpreted her saying not to repeat those exact words. Of course he wasn’t going to grant her wish and, “told her what to do!”

Important note: We will not reveal the names of our children on this blog. Any comment that mentions our children’s names will be deleted. It is nothing personal, we just feel that it is an important safety measure for our family. If you would like to read the other FTJB entries, click on the “From the Jewel Box” link in the side bar on the right or on the Jewel Box icon at the end of this paragraph. Come on parents! Feel free to share special jewels from your precious children. Just know that on this blog, our kids are the cutest!

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