From The Jewel Box # 3

Today at the breakfast table my four year old daughter said, “Daddy, do you want to hear the new words I learned how to sound out?” We have a marker board near the table and the kids are allowed to write, draw, or color on the board. Becky wrote down a couple of new words for our daughter so now she was proud to show me what she learned. “Sure, let’s hear them,” I replied.

She looked at the first new word and said, “But.” She then moved on to the second word and said “Top.”

Evidently she didn’t say them clearly enough because our 3 1/2 year old son started to copy what he thought the two new words were. He started bouncing in his seat as he rapidly repeated, “But-talk, but-talk, but-talk!”

If you don’t get it, repeat those two words out loud really, really fast. Those kids crack me up.

Important note: We will not reveal the names of our children on this blog. Any comment that mentions our children’s names will be deleted. It is nothing personal, we just feel that it is an important safety measure for our family. If you would like to read the other FTJB entries, click on the “From the Jewel Box” link in the side bar on the right or on the Jewel Box icon at the end of this paragraph.

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