Same-o, Lame-o

Being at various outreaches gives us a wealth of experience in talking with Mormons and hearing their complaints and protests about our presence at their functions. Every now and then a Mormon will give us what they believe is a clever quip as to why we should not be there. In this post, I will list a few of the more memorable instances and our responses to them.

Yesterday I was walking along the road and a man leaned out of his truck window and said, Hey, haven’t you heard of freedom of religion?
Me- Yes, sir. That is what I am practicing right now.
Protestor- Why don’t you just leave the Mormons alone and let them do their own thing?
Me- Sir, why don’t you just keep driving and leave me alone so I can do my own thing?
Frustrated, he rolled up the window and left.

A couple of days ago, Ron, the head of security, drove down the hill in his golf cart and told Bill McKeever that they were so happy that we were there passing out papers because we were doing them a favor. Bill responded, “If you really believe that, why don’t you send your Mormon missionaries down here to help us pass out the papers?” Ron laughed and changed the subject.

A truck full of Mormons pulled up and one said, “Why don’t you let us practice our freedom of religion?”
Me- I’m not keeping you from practicing your religion. Are you trying to keep me from practicing mine? You know, freedom of religion is not just for you guys.
Protestor- Get a life.
Me- Sir, I have eternal life and that is something your church can never offer you.

Protestor- What are you guys doing out here?
Me- Passing out papers explaining the differences between Mormonism and Christianity.
Protestor- Mormonism is Christianity.
Me- Christians don’t believe they can becomes Gods, sir.

I’ll add more examples later as I remember them.

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