At least they are honest enough to admit that they lie…

The following post is from the events of Tuesday, August 17th 2006.

Compared to yesterday, today was pretty uneventful. I did manage to get hit by a rock that was thrown from a moving car that was full of Mormon youth wearing white shirts and ties. It wasn’t a big rock and hit me on the left knee. I was standing on the corner talking with a Christian man and we both were pretty surprised that they threw the rock. All I could think to say as they drove by was, “Thank you!”

There are some Mormons who are out on the corners passing out coupons for a free DVD at a near-by Mormon bookstore. I have met two of them before, Helen in San Antonio and Chad in both San Antonio and Manti. Helen is not open to talking about spiritual matters, but Chad is very eager to talk. He is very animated and we have had some pretty good conversations. It is hard to keep him on topic as his favorite statement is, “Well, let me ask you this” and then he changes the subject. He likes to talk and we get along pretty well. We talked about the errors in the Book of Mormon and the differences between transmitting and translating.

We also talked about my experiences of being lied to in the temple yesterday and I was bothered by the fact that Chad did not have a problem with the tour-guards lying to us. I asked him if he would lie if commanded to. Without hesitation, Chad said, “Yes.”

Is anyone else seeing a pattern here?

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