Testing ClustrMaps

Hey everyone,

I’ve been keeping secrets! SHHHH! Actually, I have no clue what I’m doing. Last year I wanted to post something on a blog and found out that I needed to have a blog account… DUH! In the process of getting an account, I somehow created THIS thing. I had no intention of getting involved with starting and publishing my own blog (note the sparse content), but as it turns out, this just might be useful.

You see, what I would like to do is test out the clustrmap that you see in the sidebar to the right. I recently stumbled across one of these and wondered if it would be something I would like to place on our web site. ( www.evidenceministries.org ) I would like to use it here and test it out. If you are reading this, then you have already helped. If you would like to help some more, then read my profile too. If you REALLY want to post a comment here, feel free to do that as well. I’ll keep track of all of the traffic behind the scenes. The clustrmap will update daily so please come back a couple of times in the next few days. Before I can keep track of the traffic… I’ll need some traffic.

Thanks and God bless you for His glory!

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  1. How come I never knew you were interested in pistols, shooting, etc.? Is this a new hobby?Things are looking great for EM to fast forward into the electronic age. I checked out the website quickly, also, and WHAT changes! oo la la…

  2. Debby,Most guys like to make BANG! BANG! but this is pretty new for me. I’ve been shooting semi-seriously for about a year now. My next pistol league starts July 20th!As for the E-age, yes we are picking it up a little. I was convicted in Manti last month that more and more can be done via the web. We are also in the process of updating a few things on the web site and will have a MAJOR addition to it in the next month. I really think it will be a “defining moment.” Stay tuned!

  3. Wonderful idea – the blogging I mean. It’s about time to use the tools available to reach out for some good things in life. Soooooo excited about this. Expect some honest, open, real thoughts from your heart.

  4. Wasn’t aware you were blogging – do now!

  5. Not really. I’m just kinda playing with it at this point. Once I get my web site totally updated (big things in the works!), I’ll spend more time here. When I get a chance, I’ll blog on some personal items that folks wouldn’t normally be aware of. I think this will create an atmosphere where people can know more about us and not just what we do.

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